Angelika Moses - Bachelor of Economics

Brief: Top Achiever – Best Second year

Why did you choose to study Economics? Coming from a Science background, Economics wasn’t something that I wanted to do but because Environmental Health Science was hard to get into, my sister advised me to study Economics. Looking down memory lane, it’s a course I am starting to enjoy.

How do you achieve excellence? I take advantage of my time in class; I know what I have come to achieve at university so I always listen attentively and work hard. I don’t rely on study guides so I make use of textbooks because I make better inferences.

What or who motivates you to study? People like Dr Blessing, my lecturer, he is such a motivation, from his work ethic to his teaching ability he is a gem. Seeing people graduate also spurs me on, they remind to always refocus and work to achieve my goal of graduation.

What do you think about transformation? Polytechnic students are skilled when entering the job market due to experiential learning and so on so becoming a university will allow graduates to have the recognition that they deserve.

How are you shaped by the environment around you? I don’t socialize or roam around a lot so the environment around me has a minimal influence.

General advice: I thank God for his favour in my academics. I was shocked when I got nominated as best student of the year. I didn’t think I could ever get such an award. However at the end of the day I got it, it’s all about working hard and making use of the resources provided at this fine institution.

Success Quote: Know what you are here to do. There is nothing impossible; if somebody can achieve it, then you can too with hard work.