Emmanuel Olu-King-Bachelor of Software IT 2nd Year

Success: Part of 3 member team that created an app for cultural festival with maps for event locations, music recognition like “SHAZAM” and recipes of certain dishes downloaded. The app generated 1000 +/-downloads and was touted a success.

Success advice: The lecturers constantly push us to explore and be as creative as possible many succeed and some fail. Most people fail to find effective learning methods when it comes to school, sometimes reading is hard and lectures are confusing at first so my tactic is recording the lecture and saving notes as voice notes not scripts, I enjoy music and understand it easiest so I also get a better understanding of my notes by listening to them. Students should use their smart phones and not just carry them around by exploring their capabilities and using them. Just like how we listen to music or watch our favourite movie repeatedly.

Success Quote: Be the best that you can be, people attract success so a better you inclines better success!