Shitana Ottilie - Bachelor of Accounting and Finance

Brief: Top Achiever

What motivated you to study Accounting and Finance? After my sister had done accounting, she told me it was a great course and that I should do it. I also loved the fact that I would enjoy my job once I finish my programme, having not enjoyed accounting in high school it is something that grew on me.

Working and studying, how is it working out for you? Working doesn’t affect my studies as much; I knock off at 16:30 and most of my classes start at 17:15 so I have ample time to get to class every day. When I am at work, I work and when I am at school, I study.

How are you shaped by the environment around you? If they can achieve greatness, I can too. My friends encourage me to work hard. We have a lot of smart people in our class; we compete and inspire each other.

How do you achieve excellence? I do a lot of extra-curricular activities, so prioritizing is very important. When it comes to studying, I study to understand not memorizing. I also give myself time to watch a movie or two, or take a walk.

What do you think about transformation? Polytechnic transforming into a university is a great achievement. A lot of things will change and I am so excited about it. Success quote: Know what you want and work hard to be it.