Anna Chindekasse - Bachelor of English

Brief: Top Achiever

Why study English? I want to become a writer, editor or anything that has to do with English. I have fallen in love with literature ever since I was in high school and as soon as I figured what I wanted to achieve, I knew I wanted to do something English related. It is a field where I will exploit my talent and abilities while sharpening knowledge.

What motivates you to study? In two words I’d say becoming someone. I want to get somewhere and I know it won’t come on a silver platter. I believe I am destined to achieve greatness just as much as everyone who has a goal in life.

How do you achieve excellence in the classroom? I work, study and read as much as I can. Sometimes it just comes naturally. At times it comes from the prompting of lecturers, they are big motivators. My lecturer has published some amazing work and this spurns me on to work hard. I always try my best in whatever I put my hands on.

How are you shaped by the environment around you? I don’t have many friends and I like to bury myself in my books. I have been told that I am quite steadfast, I may listen to whatever is said but in the end I follow what’s right because it is my future, I choose what is best for me.

If you were to regret one thing about your studies, what would it be? In the beginning I wanted to be the type of student that achieved distinctions all round, but because of procrastination and laziness, I failed to do so; so with every new semester I challenge myself to be better.

What do you think about transformation? I hear students argue sometimes that Polytechnic students are not well recognized, foreigners apparently prefer sending their children to a university and so on. So I think the transformation into a university is a great thing and I am excited by the fact that I will one day proudly say that I am a NUST graduate.

Word of advice: Press hard, studying is not easy. We tend to cry sometimes when the pressure is too much, new environment, pressure from peers and even parents who demand to see results from what they have put in our education, we have to keep pushing. Education is really important and can do great things for us. You can do great as long as you believe in yourself.

Success Quote: Being strong does not prevent a fall, but rather the ability to rise with every fall. In school, it’s not about achieving greatness throughout; it’s how much you persist. Persist, practice and be patient.