Gottfried Kamakoli - Bachelor of Mining Engineering

Brief: Top Achiever

What do you consider success? Success is reaching your set goals at the time you have planned to reach them.

Have you achieved success? Mining Engineering is a very challenging course. In order to complete the course one has to pass 60 modules in total; I have finished 58. So as things are everything is on the track for success. It was a tough start but looking back now, I simply smile at everything I have accomplished.

What motivates you to study? My friends are quite varied but commonly motivate me to put in more effort in my studies so I can also achieve something like what they have achieved. I always try to succeed and achieve for my family. If God allows then I will be the first Engineer in the family, they are very proud of my ambition and dedication.

How are you shaped by the environment around you? Lecturers are very caring individuals that ensure students succeed. Many do not know it but many of my lecturers are non-Namibian, I see this as an opportunity for me to pursue higher qualification in order to perhaps become a lecturer myself as a Namibian. So my challenges make me want to do better for the future generations.

Do you think the transformation process change the issues of shortages of Lecturers? The Namibia University of Science and Technology has produced many engineering graduates but none of them returns to invest intellectually as an academic; this could be due to the benefits received in other industries. However I am excited that Polytechnic of Namibia is becoming a university, it is about time we became a university. I am sure it will only bring us good, new courses, new infrastructure; the institution is already growing, so the name change should be the final brick.

General advice: I have been through a lot during my studies. I was so close to giving up but I never saw quitting as an alternative. I tried and now here I am so close to finishing. My advice to you is no matter how challenging life becomes, always persist and you will breakthrough.Nothing lasts forever and struggle is no different.

Success quote: Don’t chase success, just know and success will come to you.