Erastus Haimbodi - B.Sc. Bio-Medical Sciences 3rd year

Brief: Best overall performer 2nd Year 2013

Why Bio-Medical Sciences?I always wanted to study medicine, however not having found the opportunity to study it I opted to study bio-medical science as it is closely related to medicine with a bit more diagnostics. This course requires one to think critically and to be able to transform the knowledge learned into practice in order to provide a diagnosis that is as accurate as possible; this can be achieved through linking clinical information from the doctor and diagnosis result.

What motivates you to study? The need of attaining high qualification motivates me to study.

How do you achieve excellence? I set goals and priorities of the things I want to achieve one after the other depending on which one I want to achieve first, nothing can come right without a dream and a plan.

How are you shaped by the environment around you? I surround myself with positive and ambitious people who share the same aspirations; we work together on everything from, assignments, general issues and of course encouraging one another, so I believe I am shaped in a very positive way.

What do you think about transformation? Being accredited university status has been a long time coming; I am quite excited and eager to obtain my degree as a NUST graduate. Many people will also hold the institution to the high esteem that it deserves.

Success Quote: Never give up on something you want to achieve, always establish an alternative way of achieving your goals.