Vimbai Karumazondo Bachelor Honours: Journalism and Communication Technology

Brief: Alumni (Currently working at NBC)

How was the transition from varsity to the industry? The department of media technology was quite small back then, so students developed a close-knit relationship with lecturers and we could always come back to make reference when we needed to understand a certain concept. I did this while I was a student and also now and then when I need a tip.

Post-graduate degrees can become tedious while working; what motivated you? Back when I did the diploma, I believe my class was amongst the last. So for the honours degree we constantly motivated and helped each other to make a point of graduating with a degree in order to further oneself in terms of career possibilities and knowledge.

Tell us about your work experience thus far? I wrote for the New Era newspaper for about 4 years during which I did a diploma at the college of the arts in new media design graphics, currently I am working at the NBC. I am enjoying my career, I had the idea of being versatile in the media industry and took it upon myself to expand my horizons by equipping myself with knowledge through an education.

What is your advice to aspiring graduates? Stick it through, I know so many people with insane skills but cannot back it up with a qualification of sorts. Work and internship programs are great but donÔÇÖt get side-tracked, stick to the plan and make a success of you.

Success Quote: Consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.