Wilfried Jantze B. Tech in Systems Administration and Networks (2009)

Brief: Alumni (Currently working at Ministry of Veterans Affairs)

How was the transition from varsity to the industry? One gets the basic understanding of IT from the classroom even though efforts are made within regards to experiential learning I felt I needed more referrals to have a smoother transition. Apart from that I got stuck in and performed well.

Tell us about the experience? I started off as an intern at the Ministry of trade and industry (MTI) where I grasped the needs of the industry quite quickly, after just six months I was offered a permanent post due to my diligent work. I briefly worked with a South African company known as Private label promotions after I left MTI and currently I am at the Ministry of Veterans affairs since 2011.

What are the challenges you faced as a student? Any regular student related issues really, I was not an exception. However if I were to look back the only ever issue was a lecturer whose accent was hard to grasp, it caused a lot of people to repeat the course but the PON made sure we had a new lecturer when this happened. So for one thing I certainly appreciate the PONÔÇÖs pursuit of service to students and their evolving curriculum.

Do you have a final word of advice for future and current IT students? Never give up on your dreams, because failure only exists once you accept defeat. Always aim to succeed and keep pushing.

Will you be coming back for further studies? Most certainly, I feel I still need to gain a lot more knowledge to couple with my experience in order to grow in my career and personally.

Success Quote: Pressure builds diamonds.