Samuel Ndungula- Bachelor in Applied Mathematics & Statistics 3rd year

Success: Vice President and (Training officer) of Debate Society 2014

Success tip: Starting off I was seen as one of the worst recruits the Namibia University of Science and Technology debate society had made. However due to the development programmes, I was drafted into the team and have moved up since then. My highlights include Octo-finals in 2012 at the Pan-African debates in South Africa, I was judged as best speaker at UNAM open 2013, and a quarter finalist at the South African nationals. Setting priorities is the way I balance debate & school and I believe, it’s the way it should be done for any extra-curricular activities. However I keep in mind that, school is ultimately why I’m at the Namibia University of Science and Technology. When going to competitions, I try by all means to work extra hard in the preceding weeks. NUST lecturers are very supportive in this regard and ensure that one is up to date with all the work and diarize all pertinent issues. To prove that balance works, the only time I haven’t performed well academically so far, is a semester I was not debating. So just having academics is good but one becomes complacentas opposed to a student who has some sort of pressure due to an extra curricular activity.

Success Quote: Always have a receptive mind and have the heart to learn…