Kuniberth Shamathe : Masters student by research Natural Resource Management

Brief: Part of first intake into the Masters Programme in Natural Resource Management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology

What are the highlights in your career thus far?
Getting to work on so many projects through the Namibia University of Science and Technology ’s partnerships has brought about so much advancement, after completing my B. Tech I worked at GTZ as a project officer while pursuing my honours degree on a part-time basis. Upon completion of my honours degree I joined the Red Cross as a coordinator.

What motivates you to study?
After successfully completing my diploma, B. Tech and honours degree I received funding for my Masters, this is due to having a good reputation and of course brilliant academic mentors.

Who is your mentor?
Dr Ibo Zimmermann is my mentor, during his time as BIOTA project leader he identified four students including myself to work on the BIOTA programme. He is a very knowledgeable man above all else, even during my years of work in the industry I could come back to him for advice on work related projects and general life, so he is most certainly my mentor.

Success Quote: Learn to be patient, success comes with time. Success has no shortcuts so always be ready to sacrifice for what you love.