Ndapewa Kaapangelwa - Bachelor Accounting and Finance 4th year

Brief: Completed three month internship at Credit Swiss (2nd largest Swiss bank), Zurich, Switzerland.

Success advice: Working at Credit Swiss opened my eyes to so many aspects of accounting and the world in general. I sharpened my fluency in credit loss reporting and improved existing reports with the credit risk reporter. As an intern I got to see all the facets of the firm, from software, attending different internal meetings, working in credit risk reporting and helping various team members prepare reports on topics like inherent credit risk. My final presentation for B360 and the top management of credit Swiss was perhaps the most challenging, because it had to be done in German, to accomplish this I took a weekly, 2 hour German class for 3 months. Thanks to NUST’s partnership with B360, I left my comfort zone and gained valuable global exposure. Not everything can be learned in a lecture room e.g. integrity and leadership qualities, which are vital in order to teach many things such as time consciousness which hinders the productivity of an individual and general quality of work. For the hard work I put in, I was granted many travel opportunities, Paris, Germany, Italy, England you name it, I learned golf, swimming and also did some skiing. Ultimately I made connections with the people that I aspire to be like i.e. chartered accountants and financial leaders all thanks to the NUST & B360 partnership. I also learned to appreciate my country and take pride in it, now I hope to develop Namibia to pull on par with the developed world all due to the experiential learning opportunity that has advanced her career immensely (she will mentor others like she was mentored)

Success Quote: If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything, always have proper planning and structure to your studies and always prioritize. Last but not least always study in advance to avoid panic.