Sheena Schwartz & Joseph Iilonga Bachelor of Journalism & Communication Technology - 3rd year

Brief: Successfully completed 3 Month internship period in Turku, Finland

Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) vs. Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS)

Sheena: TUAS is already highly rated in terms of efficiency with ICT’s, so we did a lot of work on online multi-media platforms compared to what we do at the NUST. Through these online platforms we interacted with many peers and shared so many ideas and actually got to learn from each other

Joseph: TUAS is technologically advanced due to the readily available and fast internet compared to NUST but media students have individual access to iMacs compared to how students share computers’ at other universities.

Which lecturer(s) have influenced you a great deal?

Joseph: Every lecturer has their distinctive qualities in the classroom and I have enjoyed every course. Sure some are more liberal than others but even with the strict guidelines one can see the great results at the end of a semester.

Sheena: The media department lecturers are simply so nice, they allow you to explore beyond the classroom and utilize various tools like e-learning and the likes which is really good. Ms Unomengi Kauapirura always makes my day with her humour though.

Reflections on the exchange programme provided by the NUST

Sheena: I personally gained more confidence due to the exposure and am now able to see the negative and positives aspects of our society, simply by the exposure to another country. The entire JOCID programme was an eye opener and has taught me to stand out in the local industry thanks to the experience.

Joseph: My perception on life has completely been altered; Finland has the exact same structure as Namibia when it comes to laws, and general life. Apart from their superior infrastructure I felt right at home and the culture shock was not too dwarfing.