Angela Herman -Bachelor of Software Engineering IT 2nd Year

Success: Best first year IT student, designed database for an actual client and worked on prototype application for cultural festival.

Success advice: During the 2nd Semester of 2013, I had user interface design as a subject where I gained more knowledge on Java and the likes. It is with this knowledge that I and a few other colleagues configured a prototype application for the cultural festival. The app was web and mobile based and allowed users to browse activities happening during the festival. Apart from user interface I also enjoyed software development because of the opportunity to design databases for an actual client; the database created allowed for the tracking of student internships in terms of progression and location of internship. All in all studying IT at the Namibia University of Science and Technology is one of the things that I do not regret as it has opened so many paths.

Success Quote: When it comes to achieving your goals in class it isn’t about the number of times you flunk a test or exam it’s the number of times you beat the odds and blow away your own imagination.