Moses Sindano - Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning

Brief: Bachelor of Town and Regional Planning Graduate

Share your achievement/success story in detail. It's a pleasure to share my success story as an NUST alumnus. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Town and Regional Planning which eaned me to be employed at the biggest University in Namibia Unam as the space management officer at the main campus (Windhoek). Given a tight job market that our country currently faces it is not easy to secure a permanent job without or little experience in the field of study. I feel blessed and grateful for such an opportunity given being chosen among the best people with more experience and advanced qualifications because of my competence and attitude toward my field of study. so I will like to take this opportunity to encourage others not to give up but believe in themselves that they capable and the right opportunity will arrive unexpectedly when you didn't even think of it to happen.

Tell us more about your journey leading up to this moment. Born and raised at the small village called KatjinaKatji situated at the northeast of Namibia where I started my primary school and later moved to Rundu for my secondary education where I was one of the best performers at my school which earned me entry to NUST. My first year at NUST was a tough year for me as it was my first time to come to Windhoek so I struggled a lot as I was doing STEM in order to be enrolled into the civil engineering program which got me awarded a bursary from SSC but the unfortunate happened as I failed the STEM program. I tried repeating and again failed but I did not give up nor lose hope I went for an architecture entry test and I failed to qualify for an interview session. I tried again to get enrolled in Biomedical Science and went to write a test which I failed again. Throughout all this failing and being at University for two years without being enrolled for any degree program I learned that all this happened due to lack of career guidance. Final I took a decision to do research on what I can be able to do and I came to choose a town and regional planning. I got enrolled for my undergraduate in 2016 and completed in 2018, after graduation in April 2019 I got shortlisted for an interview at Unam for a position of space management officer which I made sure to impress the panel and which saw me be chosen as the successful candidate for the position.

What does this achievement mean to you and how will you use it to motivate others? It means a success story for me given all the downfalls and failures I have encountered in life academically and financially. coming from the poverty-stricken region and a remote village and be able to go through without any connections and external help but through dedication and success-driven attitude to surpass whatever life throw at me and still be able to make it. My fellow youth can learn and get motivated from such a story that it does not matter where you come from but your mindset and attitude toward life matters and influence your future.

What are your plans for the future? I am planning on doing my honours in Town and Regional Planning next years and upon completion get registered as a town and regional planning in training. I hope to do my masters as well and maybe take up a management postgraduate degree until to a master level. I have ideas of coming up with the foundation of my own to empower the youth to get educated through funding and donations to help them realise their dreams and help the poorest community become independent through entrepreneurship initiative and innovation ideas.

Share with us your success quote! " Nothing comes easy and it all takes sacrifices, hard work and dedication with a right mindset and attitude toward success "- Moses Sindano