Shoki Kandjimi - Bachelor's of Communications Honours

Brief: Newly selected executive committee, to serve as the Students' Chapter Representative at PRISA.

Share your achievement/success story in detail. Recently, I got elected on the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa (PRISA) Namibia as an Executive Member representing the students on the committee . Over the years while completing my first degree in Journalism and Media Technology of which PR was my major, I fell in love with PR. I then began finding more about what the industry is like in Africa and Namibia and I came across PRISA. That's when I joined and started being active. This then led to my election as an Executive Member on the committee.

PRISA is a an organization that represents professionals in the public relations and communications management throughout southern Africa. It is active in Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and South Africa.

Tell us more about your journey leading up to this moment. The journey has just began and I believe it holds more success stories ahead of me. As an executive member, I plan to create a space where experienced practitioners can assist students gain the much need skills. It can not only be left to universities alone, as a PR body we have the duty to facilitate that process. Basically, what has led me to the stage of my career is activeness, persistence and commitment to whatever I set my mind. My wish has always been to grow in the PR and communications industry and that is evident in every role and position I served in.

What does this achievement mean to you and how will you use it to motivate others? This means a lot to me! Moreover, it is a step in the right directions as I enter into the real world of the industry. I believe that being elected to this portfolio has put me ahead of what I expected.

What are your plans for the future? My plans for the future is obtain a Masters Degree from a South African university in the near future and become a Corporate Communications Manager.

Share with us your success quote! "Be active and curious"