Antonia N Iipinge - Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, 3rd year

Brief: An intern at one of the top dry-product manufacturing and testing laboratory of HACO in Bern (Switzerland)

Share your achievement/success story in detail. I was one of the fortunate Namibian students selected to do a 3 month internship at one of the top dry-product manufacturing and testing laboratory of HACO in Bern (Switzerland).

Tell us more about your journey leading up to this moment. My journey is a true definition of "GRACE", it has never been smooth but when I discovered about the B360 Education Partnership Programme I was excited to complement my coursework with practical experience and I made up my mind that if I want to be selected, I need to be unique and stand out from the rest. I remember how I would be up all night studying with papers all over and cups of coffee to keep me up, it all paid off and today I can say that I have been given an opportunity that will and is already opening doors for me in terms of networking, job opportunities to mention a few.

What does this achievement mean to you and how will you use it to motivate others? This opportunity means the world to me and I will use it to motivate others in the sense of it doesn't matter where you come from, mistakes you might have done, what you have or don't have, what you lack or what you have too much. All you need in this life is FAITH and undying passion for what ever dream you have. I love what Myles Munroe once said that "The richest places on earth is not the gold mines nor is it the oil wells, but its the graveyard because deep underground are dreams buried that were never pursued, books that were never written, ideas that were left hanging and inventions that were never invented".

What are your plans for the future? Living by the spirit of "UBUNTU" and responding to my community needs has been one of the principles I live up to, therefore apart from graduating and pursuing my Masters degree I would like to give back to my community and do some charity work.

Share with us your success quote! "Patience is the best currency and persistence is your best investment."