Annete Peter - Bachelor of Accounting, 3rd year

Brief: From NUST to Berlin School of Economics and Law

Share your achievement/success story in detail. I was awarded a scholarship to study at the Berlin School of Economics and Law for a semester.

Tell us more about your journey leading up to this moment. At the beginning of the year, just after registration had begun, I received a call from the NUST International Office notifying me that I had been nominated for a scholarship to study in Berlin, Germany. I sent in my CV and went for the interview. A few hours after the interview I received a call and I started preparing myself for Berlin. As for why I was nominated, I believe it might be because of my active involvement on campus. Before I started my first year, I decided that I would try to get the best experience I could get out of my time at NUST. I took my studies seriously, but I also participated in sports and cultural activities. I become a Student Brand Ambassador, joined a society and became a volunteer tutor for my department. These experiences allowed me to learn things I could never learn in a classroom. I met a lot of wonderful people and, I am very grateful to these people. My lecturers, mentors, friends and family, it is because of their teachings, advice, support and encouragement that I am here today.

What does this achievement mean to you and how will you use it to motivate others? I cannot say enough how grateful I am for this opportunity. I have met a lot of wonderful people in my time here and have learned a lot about so many different things. It is my hope that other students will realise that there are numerous opportunities out there, if only you would look for them. Realise that a university is not just a bunch of classes, it is a platform for you to start building your future. Build your networks, work on your soft skills and, most importantly, have fun.

What are your plans for the future? I will return to Namibia to finish my degree and continue working on my goal to become a Chartered Accountant.

Share with us your success quote! "Always remember where you come from." I wouldn't say it's a success quote, but these words - my father's words - are the ones I live by. It is easy to lose focus and become demotivated. When that happens to me, reminding myself of where I come from, why I'm here and, who I'm doing this for, helps me focus on doing what it is that I need to do. It helps me to keep on moving when everything in me would rather just give up.