Labanera Mwashekele - Bachelor of Tourism Management (3rd year )

Brief: Recently attended the Future Leaders Forum at Meetings Africa Johannesburg, South Africa

How did you get to know about the Forum you recently attended, what was it about and how did you become a part of it/ how were you selected? I first heard about the Forum during my first year (2016) where the final year students were about to attend this forum in South Africa. I was not well equipped about the forum until I came in my second year and had a module called Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Events (MICE) where the lecture explained that the forum is attended by innovative thinkers in the field of MICE. The forum was about coming up with the finest proposal under the theme of “Purposeful Meetings”. During last year the lecture assigned an assignment to the class whereby we had to come up with a proposal which the previous learners did in South Africa. The funny thing is, she did not inform us that whoever comes up with the best proposal will be selected to attend the Future Leaders Forum. Unfortunately when we received our results, 6 of us were the best but only five could attend the forum. She then handed another assignment to the 6 of use during the December holiday and beginning of January the finalist announced which I was part of.

What knowledge/experience have you gained and how is it beneficial to you and the NUST community at large? I acquired a lot of skills, information and facts through theoretical and practical understanding of the subject. I met a lot of expects in the industry who schooled us in some of the basics we lacked such as presentation skills. As a NUST student having gained such skills can help me in my academic performance which is attached to NUST. Performing well for NUST sets a good reputation for the institution and encourages other students to study hard.

What is the Future Leaders Forum in your own understanding and how will you use it to motivate others? It is a platform where young innovative students meet industry expects and fellow students with the aim of gaining insight, connecting as well as present their proposals based on a given theme. This forum gives you exposure to the world outside and can act as a catalyst to your future.

What are your plans for the near future? After I acquire my Bachelor’s degree am planning on furthering my studies up to a PHD level through scholarship programs. I will also be polishing my skill. One of the speakers at the forum mentioned that “Don’t go for money but polish your skill as people pay for it”

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