Marvellous Shilongo - Bachelor of Economics

Brief: NUST SRC President 2018

Tell us about yourself, your journey to becoming SRC President and what this position means to you? I consider myself a blessed 22 year old. I was born in Tsumeb, I did not grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. My journey to becoming the SRC president was to beat the odds, seeing that there hasn’t been a female president in 11 years. Not only did I love the challenge but I knew I was capable. A part of me did it for the ‘’only men can be in managerial position’’ stereotypes (I love beating the odds). Another part did because I knew I was able to make a difference. In 2015 I was Ms. First year polytechnic, in 2016 I became Ms. NUST and now to be the NUST SRC President means so much to me. I cannot explain how it feels but what I can say is, ‘’ NUST is my home away from home and I am forever grateful for this opportunity”.

How would you describe your ability to lead the students at NUST? I am driven, open to new ideas and don’t like taking no for an answer. I am respectful but surly do not back down from what’s right. The students voting for me already shows their trust in my abilities. As much as I’m here to be the middle man between management and the students I am here for the student’s best interest. I tend to believe I was raised in a proper manner thus helping me decide when something is wrong or right, so if something is wrong I will firmly be against it. I respect all leadership styles and one thing that should be known about me is I am not a radical person I believe there are ways to get things done without resorting to radical behavior.

What are your main objectives as the SRC President and how would you ensure meeting them?To mention a few, my objective’s as an SRC president this year are to:

  • -Keep good relations with other institution’s SRC’s
  • -Get NUST a taxi rank and a gym.
  • -To ensure the SRC council is more universal and more involved in charity work.
  • -Raise money for students unable to pay their registration fees.

I am a people’s person and I truly believe the SRC members are very diverse therefore keeping good relations with others won’t be an issue. Giving back has always been a big part of my life therefore and I know the other SRC’s feel that way. By developing a culture of giving back we will be one step closer to making Namibia greater. These actions start with the youth and therefore the youth leaders should lead by example. Many companies are willing to help with initiatives such as giving back to education so to raise funds shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion As for the other objectives I will get those done because I believe in my abilities to reason in a reasonable manner.

How would you meet student expectations successfully given that you are the first female NUST SRC Presidents? It is unfortunate that we still live in a world where capabilities are measured by gender. The expectations given to a female and a male should be the same. Our capabilities are what defines what we are able to do, not our gender therefore I would like to believe that everyone is cable. Satisfying students shouldn’t be about your gender it should be about your drive and passion. I believe I have the drive and passion for this position and satisfying the students will fall into place automatically.

Share with us your success quote! I have two that I live by,

  • "Hard work beats talent, nothing comes easy"
  • "If you are born poor it is not your mistake, but if you die poor it is your mistake"