MUHOKO - Bachelor of Computing and Informatics

Brief: Developed a Digital Computer game (MUHOKO RUNNER) and interactive software

Tell us about MUHOKO and where did the idea come from. Muhoko is a word derived from the Rukwangali speaking people, from the Okavango tribe. The word 'Muhoko' natively means 'diverse'. This word incomparably defines the team considering individuals from various Nations puzzle it. Students from Kenya, Angola, Zambia and Namibia. Muhoko is all about entertaining the audience. We are the idea of yesterday, the future of tomorrow and the history of our stories. The group consists of various technicians with different skills. The sum up of such diverse skills defines Muhoko; it is an atom of software programming, design of hardware and graphics.

You recently won an award at Windhoek Show, Tell us what it means to you. Winning an award at the Windhoek show grounds was evidence that we aren’t diverging from our mission, which is to remain ambitious and to encourage the youth, to spear head technology, creating a platform for innovators. It means the world to us. As the group puts it, it meant that we are “making moves!”.

What are your plans for the near future? With the vision to be trailblazers, building path for young innovators and ambition to create a change in technological society of Africa and beyond, we plan to code out our big dreams, great innovations and inspirations so that you can touch it (apps), play it (games) and visit it (websites). We plan on extending the Muhoko blaze throughout the Nust Campus and beyond.

Success quote! Dream, Build, Play!