Ndeshihafela Sakaria - NUST Student Research Symposium 2017 participant

Research topic: Awareness and Attitude to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination among Female Students at Selected Tertiary Institutions in Windhoek, 2017

You recently presented at the Student Research Symposium (SRS) 2017. Tell us more about your research and why you chose that topic. My research is there to create awareness among female students at selected institutions as indicated in the title itself. The awareness on the Human Papillomavirus vaccination the vaccine that protects female from getting HPV type 16 and 18. I mainly selected this topic on because in Namibia there is a big gap as to what actually causes cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by the main contribute HPV type 16 and 18. The other reason is I wanted to create an awareness relationship between what contributes to cervical cancer and in that way female students at this institutions can know that there are prevention methods to one protecting them from cervical cancer which is for them to receive HPV vaccination which is offered at private medical nationwide irregardless of the expensiveness of the vaccine.

As a researcher what are your expectations after the symposium and how will you use the knowledge gained to address challenges regarding sustainability in our country? I wanted to find if possible funds for me to give back to the community such as that of the two selected institution to hold intervention in which to help the Ministry of Health and Social Services create nationwide awareness on HPB vaccine and further help women nationwide know how they can prevent themselves from getting the infections caused by this deadly disease HPV which further causes cervical cancer.

How would you motivate NUST students to develop interest in research and research activities at NUST? I will basically help them to research on topics that interest them and on change they want to bring in whatever causes they are pursuing.

What is your feedback on the SRS 2017 and do you have any suggestions for the SRS 2018? It was a success indeed. I would if more students apply to the symposium that way create a culture of research among the students at the respective.

What is your success quote! "The change I want to see start with me thus never give up."