Hafeni Immanuel - Bachelor of Computer Science

Brief: Developed a mobile application “Nam Transport Booker”

You developed a mobile application “Nam Transport Booker”. Please tell us more about this idea and how did the idea come about? This is an application that helps travelers and item senders in Namibia to easily find available transports to their destination and get their booking details on time. This also caters for our neighboring countries; the App can be viewed by clicking on this link www.namtransport.com. I came up with the idea of developing this, one day after I saw my Facebook friends asking for availability of transport to their destinations. Posting and tenants movers marketing on Facebook, this is sometimes occupied by a lot of marketers which make their posts not to be seen immediately. Later I realized it could also prevent travelers from having their bags grabbed by some bus drivers as it is happening now.

What inspired you to study computer science? Why did you take programming/software engineering as your major?I have been creative ever since I was at primary school, I remember developing a self-moving toy car which doesn’t use battery but only rubbers to move. I was also very good in linear programming from grade 11 to 12 in mathematics. I choose Computer science because I want a change life to better through technology and would like to work for myself one day in future. Therefore this course is the one that can directly take me there .Bill Gate motivated me a lot to go for programming after watching his documentaries on you tube.

As a young Namibian application developer, what advice do you have for young people interested in application development?They must stay focused; there is a bright future with programming. We must focus first on developing applications that solves lives of our fellow Namibians before we go out. They must own a certain useful program, application or website. It motivates you to do best applications, Nam Transport is not the first APP I developed, I developed a learner History keeper software 2015 that GRN school are using to discipline learners and keep their behavioral records at school.

How will this application benefit you, NUST and the Namibian community at large? Nam Transport Booker is becoming my business step by step. Transportation Business owners find it a great platform to market their businesses. They pay me to put their transportation on my app. In few months to come, I will make it available on google play store to generate more income. For NUST, it will be always a grad promotion that it will get from me as they are the one who taught me how to code. This will motivate young once who want to do programming to study at NUST. Namibian people will not straggle any more to find available transportations to their destinations.

What are your plans for the near future? My plans are to establish my own computer company which focus more on programming and employ other citizens.

What is your success quote! “Life is a journey and your drivers are your decisions plus God”.