June Shimuoshili - Bachelor of Journalism and Media Studies

Brief: Namibia Annual Music Award (NAMA) 2017 Nominee (Best Entertainment Journalist of the Year)

Tell us about your journey from NUST to being nominated in the NAMAS 2017 as Best Entertainment journalist. I come to NUST in 2014 and in my 2nd year, I was introduced to the NUST FM Internship programme by our lecturer who encouraged all of us to apply. I was successful in the interview and I worked there for a year and half as a Presenter and Communication Officer at the same time and I believe that helped me a lot in my professional career.

How did being employed at NUST FM ready you for the journalism industry? It really paved my journey into the industry. I don’t think I would be successful right now as I am if I haven’t gone through NUST FM and under the Station Manager, Ms Vivette Ritmman who is very helpful and taught me everything I know from how to conduct interviews. Theoretically on classes I was taught how to conduct interview but with NUST FM I was able to practice out on real people and on real situation. Today I am able to conduct meaningful interviews and I have most of the connections and contacts in the entertainment industry because of NUST FM which makes my work easier at Namibian Sun. I am very thankful for that and i am grateful to say NUST FM is the backbone of my career.

What does the nomination mean to you as an individual? It means a lot because I did not expect it and now that people are aware of it and people are encouraging me not to lose hope and congratulating me, it clearly show my destiny and that I was meant to do this and I am really grateful for that. Thank you so much to those who believe in me.

What inspired you to study Journalism and Media Studies and what message of encouragement can you give to current NUST students aspiring to join the Journalism industry? Honestly I just wanted to be in front of the television reading news. when I come to NUST, I was abit disappointed to hear that one don’t really need to be qualified to read news but one of the lecuturer told me that there are a lot of interesting things that one can do such as being an editor, journalist, script writer, news reporter , producer or even Communication Officer. I decided to study at NUST because I believe it is the place where I could get the knowledge and the skills I wanted. I would encouraged students in Namibia to study journalism at NUST because I believe the staffs are qualified and committed and you will be taught how to critically analyse situations and how to improve the industry. NUST is the best Institution in Namibia when it comes to media and you will never go wrong.

What are your plans for the near future? My plan for the future is to practice journalism for the next four years and from there I would like to venture into communications.

Success quote! “One has to try to fail, then to fail to try”