Mufaro Nesongano - Bachelor Honours in Journalism and Media Studies

Brief: Manager for Communication and Online Media at Namibia Wildlife Resort (NWR)

Tell us about your journey from NUST to NWR. What stands out as a highlight for you and why? My journey at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) started in 2009 when I registered with the then Polytechnic of Namibia to pursue a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Communication. I believe that I grew a lot as an individual during my time as a student at NUST. This time (I had previously dropped out of a degree at UNAM) I knew that there was absolutely no room for failure, as the choice to study towards this degree was entirely mine and I was paying for it myself.

It was due to that mindset that 4 years later I graduated with an Honors Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Communication from NUST. That year - thanks to that qualification and all my experience in the world of media - I became the Marketing and Public Relations Officer at the then Namibia Business Innovation Centre which is now known as the Namibia Business Innovation Institute. This was the start of my professional career in communications, after having spent close to 10 years within the media landscape.

I learned a lot during my almost two years at NBIC and will always be grateful for that opportunity, as I believe there I was further prepared for my current job. The Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) job came at a time that I was ready for it. I therefore cannot single out a single highlight in my journey from NUST to NWR, as I believe everything I have done to date has been in preparation for the next chapter in my life journey and therefore should all stand out in their own unique way.

I have been the Corporate Communications and Online Media Manager at NWR for close to 3 years now. This has been and continues to be a humbling experience as l can contribute in one of Namibia’s fastest growing industries - Tourism.

Share with us your duties and responsibilities as Corporate Communication Manager at NWR? Can you share with us how did your studies at NUST prepare you for this position? At NWR, I am tasked with overlooking the corporate communications and online media for the entire company. My day to day work involves being the spokesperson of the company in addition to managing our brand internally and externally. I am also heavily involved in how we communicate our strategy as a company.

Apart from the probably obvious academic benefits, my time at NUST awarded me the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with a lot of “future" journalists, who I now work with on a regular basis. It also taught me how to adapt to different cultures within a working environment.

What inspired you to study Journalism and Media Studies and what message of encouragement can you give to those aspiring to join the communication industry? I was inspired to study Journalism and Communication because of my keen interest in the media and its ability to influence our lives through what is reported in the news.

Since communications forms a great part of our lives, I am privileged to know its impact when done correctly. My message to future students is, if your primary interest is fame and fortune then this is not the field for you. This job comes with great responsibility and therefore you should pursue this field because you are genuinely interested in it and want to make a positive difference in the organization you will find yourself in.

What are your plans for the near future? Career-wise, I still see myself in the communications field for a very long time, plus my journey with NWR is just beginning. Personally, I would like to get more involved in motivating our youth to make better decisions; this is an area I have a keen interest in.

Success quote! “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi