B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Mathematics student - Victory Ndaumbwa

Brief: NUST Student Research Symposium participant

Tell us about yourself (i.e. what you are studying, year of study etc). I am Victory Ndaumbwa, 27 years old, currently doing my B.Sc. (Honours) in applied mathematics at NUST.

You participated in the NUST Student Research Symposium held on 21 October 2016. Please tell us about your research and why it was important to conduct the research? My research was on the: Mathematical Modelling of the Transmission Dynamics of Foot-and-Mouth Disease. “A Deterministic Approach”. In a nutshell this research was meant to translate an everyday problem into a mathematical problem which will eventually help us understand how Foot-and-Mouth Disease patterns evolve which will consequently enable us to make future predictions about the disease.

What is the relevance of your research to national development? The findings of this research were very interesting and they would help the ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (Directorate of Veterinary Services) to take necessary measures in order to Eradicate FMD in our country or in a community during an outbreak. ‘Having a great idea on how a certain disease happens and spread can help you decide on what mechanism you can use to fight it’

Any last remarks to students on research? Student research is very interesting and it will really help students to grow in doing scientific research and bring out constructive ideas/results that may be useful in our country and the world at large.

Success quote! “If you have not seen the fish how will you know how it will look like in the pot of soup”