Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care student - José McKay

Brief: NUST Student research symposium Best poster

Tell us about yourself (i.e. what you are studying, year of study etc).My name is José McKay, I am a third year student currently doing my Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care.

You participated in the NUST Student Research Symposium held on 21 October 2016. Please tell us about your research and why it was important to conduct the research? Our research is based on an intravenous medication call Tranexamic acid, which decreases bleeding by preventing the breakdown of clots. In Namibia we are exposed to of a lot of trauma, namely gunshots, stabbings and motor vehicle accidents where patient lose a lot of blood.

What is the relevance of your research to national development? As a third world country, Namibia needs to keep up with the developed countries. As we all know the medical field is constantly evolving, the only way to stay up to date is through research. With regards to the medical field, we need look at other means to control blood loss.

You emerged as the winner in the Category of Best poster design. What does this mean to you? Firstly it is a major honor. The fact that we are only undergraduates means a lot.

Any last remarks to students on research?I hope this serves as a platform for my fellow students, I encourage them to take part in research as it will help with development in Namibia.

Success quote! “If he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt