Paulus Kalenga - B. Tech: Human Resources Management 3th Year Student

Brief: President and Founder of NUST-ET (NUST-Excellence Team Society)

Please tell us about your role and vision for the NUST-ET society? To motivate people who are disadvantaged and to increase a study habit in students and promote team work. NUST-ET vision is to Foster a strong academic community and provide opportunity for networking, student leadership, and participation to empower and support our students in their careers and lastly to put the Namibia University of Science and Technology on the world map for high performance and quality education.

How do you ensure that the society achieves its goals and objectives? By creating a student’s conducive environment for studying because a safe student is a productive student, motivating students, being in Partnership with relevant academic organisations and NUST Societies to support each other toward the achievement of the NUST vision. Invite motivational speakers and conduct study skills workshops for students and by working together with all the faculties, schools, departments and students bodies to unite for excellence, lead for change and success.

Kindly share the activities that the society is currently engaged in and what impact do they have to the Institution and the Community at large? We did motivational talks to Ella Du Plessis High School for (grade 10-12) and NUST students at large. We have organized NUST study camp for June exam preparation , where we conducted activities such as, individual study secession, group study secession and short study skills workshop.

The society offers tutorial classes to grade 10 and 12 learners from different schools around Windhoek, how was this idea born, and what success stories can you share with us so far? NUST-ET realized that there is high failure rate in the grade 12s and decided to recruit tutors from NUST-ET in any grade 10 and 12 subjects. We provide free services with free refreshments to the tutors and leaners. We test our leaners and award them according to their performance, just to boost them to study hard. We assist NAMCOL students, other colleges and high schools, together with our very own NUST students in the subjects they struggle and we pay our tutors always on the cost of the organization.

What are your plans for the near future? To make NUST-ET known world wide To open a motivational center in Windhoek,Katutura which will have a library and conduct tutorials. Create a motivational department on campus and more other plans to be covered.

Success quote! A leader must dream big and deliver, strive for success and lead for change