Suoma Nuunyango: 3rd year Bachelor of Accounting student

Suoma Nuunyango: 3rd year Bachelor of Accounting student

Brief: Miss Heritage Namibia 2015

You were crowded Miss Heritage Namibia 2015, give a brief background of your journey up to that point. I was firstly crowned as Miss Heritage Namibia 2015 in September under an intense interview with the Owners of Gen Namibia. They had to choose a contestant who met their criteria and had good knowledge of the Namibian heritage and tourism. I was shocked to have been selected but I prepared well before hand. I was then sent to South Africa to compete international for Miss Heritage Globe 2015. The experience was a teachable experience I learned so much about South Africa within two weeks, I almost felt I was a South African. I learned that tourism, culture and arts is such an underestimated industry but it contributes so much to a counties development, because when you teach and show other people your heritage it attracts people to experience and visit the different cultures within your country, but what topped it off was when I qualified in the top 20 from 56 countries.

Who is your role model?I have so many role Models, but I would say my Mom.

What advice will you give to someone that aspires to be a model, and how can that be used to make a difference? Modelling is a job like any job. ItÔÇÖs market in Namibia is slowing growing, but firstly identify the type of model you want to be and whichever you choose, be the best at it. Modelling can be positive only if used for the right purposes like adverting, promoting and campaigning for tourism, arts, culture, charity or whatever the agenda is.

How do you think winning this pageant changes you and did the exposure benefit our Institution? Winning the pageant definitely opened my eyes on the opportunities a young person can use to find ways to build their success, so the exposure helped me meet and connect with friends from abroad. I have friends in Uganda, India, Haiti, Nigeria, because of these opportunity so I am really thankful for it. I believe I best represented my institute too because I was competing with students from other institutes like UNAM.

What are you planning for the near future? I have bigger plans, I cannot reveal too much of it, but I plan on making my institute proud once again but on a bigger platform.

Success quote: Believe in the empire you build.