Brief: writes articles for the Namibian Sun newspaper.

What inspired you to start writing? I am tempted to say what inspired me was “anything and everything” but it is bigger than that. A need for self-expression is mostly part of the reason I write, and also because I have a passion for it and it is an outlet for my over imaginative mind. Writing allows me to feel alive to what’s around me and it connects with a lot of people in a soulful and honest way.

What type of articles do you write, in which publications are they featured and how often? I write for the Namibian Sun newspaper, my articles appear in the Newspaper once a week on Tuesday in the Youth section of the Namibian Sun newspaper called “The Zone”. Most of the articles I write focus on issues that the youth are faced with every day and I also try to inspire the youth through my writing by giving them advice and guidance in some spheres of their life’s whether it’s education, health or finance.

How does writing articles to a newspaper benefit you as a journalist student? Writing newspaper articles opens me up to a new world in terms of the Journalism industry, it’s a learning curve for me and a good experience to broaden my knowledge and expertise, now that I am writing articles I get the both of best world, in Education I get to practice what I learn in theory in the real world.

Do you think you are on par with seasoned writers and what can you still learn from them? At the moment I am far from a seasoned Journalists because I am still trying to figure out how best to go about my business and I only cover youth related matters but I believe with the right mentorship I can perform at a level as all other seasoned Journalists. What I learned thus far from other Journalists is to make sure your work is truthful and that it should be a body of quality work.

How would you advice someone who wants to became a Journalist or Columnist in terms of education, skills and personality? In order for someone to become a Journalist you would have to be a very curious person first, that’s a prerequisite. You need to be up-to-date with current affairs and entertainment news or at least know something about everything. Read!! Read!! Read!! Reading is the key if you want to be a successful Journalist.

Success quote "If you have no critics you'll likely have no success”-Malcolm X