Brief: Exchange student at Flensburg University of Applied Science, Germany.

You recently went to Germany with the exchange student program. Please tell us more about that. Where did you go, how did you get to know about it, how long were you there and in what activities you were involved in. I recently visited Flensburg University of Applied Science in Germany together with Naemi Sakaria. We attended a fully sponsored autumn school from 12 September and 29 September 2015.

The Polytechnic of Namibia’s partnership with Flensburg University of Applied Science, afforded us this exchange opportunity. We got practical exposure to an ERP System known as SAP. SAP is a world’s market leading software that integrates, optimises and support business functions and processes. We also visited different production and logistics plants and did simulations on aspects of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Compared to Namibia, tell us how you found Germany in terms of culture, climate, transportation etc.? Germany is a magnificent and diverse country and yet things are really organised. It also proves a great tourism destination as they have beautiful landscapes, architectures and accommodation facilities.

What did you do on your leisure time? On our leisure time we visited different attraction places such as Glucksburg, Hamburg and Denmark a neighbouring country.

How did this international experience benefit you? Travelling opened my mind and it made me see the world in a different way. I learned how to interact with people of diverse cultures, gained practical knowledge on how to use the SAP ERP system and to do things right on the first attempt.

General advice: “We can surely learn a lot from their way of doing things to assist us towards technological innovation and economic development of our country at large”.