Bro-Mathew Niikondo:From Student Change Agent to German Exchange Student

Brief: From Student Change Agent to German Exchange Student

Tell us where you went for your student exchange and what you studied: I went to study Business Administration in Germany at Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule Fur Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin) for six months as part of the exchange student program. I was awarded with credits because the subject I was doing was similar to the modules I was supposed to do at Polytechnic last semester. It was a great experience sharing a class with international students, sharing great ideas and learning different cultures.

How did you experience student life in Germany: My life in Germany was the best, I believe commitment and attending class every day is all a student need. The professors there are very motivating and urged us to attend classes. I really like their lectures.

Compared to Namibia, tell us how you found Germany in terms of culture, climate, transportation etc: I can say that their culture is quite different from Namibia. Each country has its own culture that one has to adapt too. Germans are very helpful.

How did you find out about this program: Firstly, it was in our Innovative Creativity and Entrepreneurship lesson, whereby Mr Du Plessis announced it in class and encouraged all of us to apply. Also, it was advertised on the notice board around campus.

You came out on top in your class. How did you achieve excellence: By working hard, being committed and attending lessons every day. For me it was very easy. I always make sure that I am on the right track and asked my professor help when I didn’t understand.

How or who motivated you: I am motivated by my father and my cousins who are already working and driving nice cars. When I wrote my grade 12, I set a target to get the highest points in my family and I did.

How did your international experience benefit you: I actually brought some strength and experience. I have new ways of doing things. I do it the European way now compared to before. European countries are developed because of the skills and knowledge that they have.

Success Quote: If you have the potential make use of it. Even if you have an idea and you are not doing anything about it, anyone can wake up tomorrow with the same idea and use it.