Moses Shuuya: Business Simulation Facilitator

Brief:Business Simulation Facilitator
How do you define good teaching? Good teaching is what encourages students to take control of their own learning. It promotes teamwork in class, collaboration and good relationship between lecturers and the students.

Describe your teaching style? Questioning style which forces students to read different materials, create knowledge and take control of their own learning. By giving them more tasks, I expect them to do a lot. I want to empower them to learn on their own. I only give them a path that they can follow to learn.

Why is technology important in teaching? It has enhanced communication between students and lecturers and between a student and a student. It has also made it easier for students to access information because it has brought different sources together.

How does technology change thinking? The fact that it brings different sources together, it helps students not only to think based on what they know from certain sources, it broadens the student's view of the teaching and learning.

How is technology affecting the learning process? It enhance communication as students now use social media such as WhatsApp groups to do their group assignments if they cannot come together, google search to enhance their understating. In terms of the simulation that we do, technology gives the whole picture of how to manage a business. It links the decisions that the students have to make to the results or outcomes to their decisions for them to see the outcomes of not marketing their products for instance.

Any final comments: We have to improve with our e-learning. We as lecturers have to do a lot because not all of us fully understand how to use the platform. Students must also be encouraged to use technology in their learning process.