Oscar Mwandingi - SRC President 2015

Brief: SRC President 2015

Quickly introduce yourself: My name is Oscar Mwandingi, a final year Business Administration student, a former Academic Affairs SRC for 2014, as well as the current SRC President.

Share with us your journey up to becoming SRC President? It was not an easy task becoming SRC President. I came to the Polytechnic of Namibia four years ago as a normal student. I didn’t know much about the Institution. I then involved myself in different activities that took place on campus such as invigilating students, organizing the cultural festival event and assisting fellow students with their academic matters by representing it to their respective Deans, Head of Departments and lecturers. I have been doing this for my classmates until I found myself representing students from different departments. Then I successfully campaigned for SRC Academic Affairs position.

How do you describe yourself in terms of your ability to lead at the Institution? I am an exemplary leader, result-driven, action-based and can keep my promises. Students have seen the quality in me, hence they voted me to become SRC President.

What motivates you to put forth your best effort? I am actually motivated by doing things the right way. In addition to that I am motivated by challenges or problems. I like it when students are coming to me with different concerns, then I have to think hard and come up with a solution to their problems.

Give us an example of one of your most success accomplishment at the Namibia University of Science and Technology? For a question like that I think the students themselves know what was the most successful achievement I have done for them. To mention a few, I have petitioned the student supplementary examination. Also, I have introduced more plugs in the library and new ones at the yellow benches where students can charge their personal computers. I have done so many things for NUST, the list is endless.

Success Quote: I believe in listening to people.Think creatively before making any decision. When people criticize my action I don’t take them as personal or as destructive, but rather an opportunity for me to improve on the things I have never seen in the past.