Brief: Student Change Agent involved in the initial transformation campaign.

What inspired you to become a NUST FM presenter? Finding out that the Polytechnic of Namibia will have its own radio station, caught my attention and I was inspired to join their team. I was one of the Student Change Agent that participated in the transformation campaign, established to create awareness on campus. Ms Vivette Rittman, who is now my manager, approached me during the transformation preparation and asked me to join their team at NUST FM, as a presenter.

How did working at NUST FM change your life? Working at NUST FM radio station changed the way I interact with people, I am more open, more confident and can now even do presentations in public without fear.

Reading through the NUST FM presenters portfolios, the majority have an interest of listening to different types of music. Why is that so? Is there a link, or is it just a coincidence? It is not a coincidence; it is normal, that different people have different styles and listen to different type of music. There is a link between presenters and music; the type of music people listen to describes who they are.

Do presenters need to enroll in a specific course in order to carry on their daily activities? Media is one of the courses that presenters can enroll in to enhance their skills and knowledge of presenting. What is important is that, people should figure out what they are good at and undergo training to gain skills for them to do their jobs successfully. Passion for radio or presenting is also an added bonus.

Success Quote: “Do not allow people to see your weaknesses. Always smile and show the world that you can be who you were meant to be, no matter what you face in life!”(By: Cherley)