Sem Uutoni- Bachelor of Regional and Rural development 3rd year

Success: Member of NUST Choir, Debate society, Environment Club and completed 2 month internship programme in Hyderabad, India.

Success advice: The Namibia University of Science and Technology has played a major in my development as a student and in my professional life, something which is due to the firm foundation that the lecturers instilled in me during my first year of studies here. I quickly grasped that time management and prioritizing of my school work and extra-curricular activities was of the utmost importance in order to be successful in my endeavours. Experiencing what its like to formulate plans on developing villages into towns in places as far as India during my internship is testament to the lengths the NUST goes to interms of focus on practical course work, which allows students to go on practical excursions, which allowed me to gain practical knowledge on developing the world. One such excursion was in Omakange village in the Omusati region. The experience in Omakange gave us a preview of the requirements necessary to thrive as a professional and a test of our theoretical knowledge, my colleagues and I actually look at soil samples, drafted plans on how to develop the village and many other aspects which I think other institutions overlook.

Success quote: Don’t be a product of your circumstance no matter how high the odds are stacked against you, rather be a product of your choices. I chose to live life in its abundance and explore my passion in developing Namibia. The Namibia University of Science and Technology has taught me to be responsible for my actions and to expand my boundaries.