Kaumeketu Benjamin- Bachelor Honours in Journalism and Communication Technology

Success: Member of organizing committee responsible for “Walk a mile in her shoes” march against Gender Based Violence (GBV); Completed internship at Namibia trade directory, GIZ and member of Move Windhoek project.

Success advice: Julius Mtemahanji is one of those lecturers that is not just about lecturing he is also a generally helpful individual especially when it comes to life skill, anytime I need clarity on an assignment or a difficult situation in life he is the go to guy. Mr.Mtemahanji was the course instructor for my internship and helped me in terms of direction and making sure I was working hard. Initially obtaining an internship as public relations major was quite a difficult and taxing experience personally. With a failed attempt at Roads Authority, I finally got an opportunity at the Namibia Trade Directory. The NTD publication is circulated in the USA and Europe and is focused on trade and industry matters from a Namibian perspective. The courses I did with Emily Brown and UmbiKaruihe in PR sharpened me to effectively penetrate into the NTD’s high demands, however despite the doors that NTD opened, I felt at home when I joined GIZ because I became involved in social development programmes which have always been my passion. To my surprise PON offered a course in communication for social change which dealt with aspects of societal change that I am deeply passionate about, so in a nutshell I know I chose the right institution to pursue my dreams.

Success Quote: Do something you are passionate about, being happy in terms of the type of work ethic you have is what will attract the success. I am graduating at 23 and pursuing an honours degree, greater things are still on the way.