Uaihamisa Kaimu - Software engineering IT 3rd year

Success: AIESEC Namibia intern

Why did you choose to study at the Namibia University of Science and Technology? The NUST offers subjects such as user interface design which brings out the designer in me because it allows one to apply hands on knowledge on a daily basis, something that is vital to an IT student; lecturers like Mr David Browning and Mr Katjepa make class fun.

What makes IT the best? People like Dr S Nggada and Mr. J Silaa they encourage students to believe because IT is one of those subjects where the work has to become engrained and a part of your daily activity. Thanks to being a PON student I became aware of AIESEC Namibia and gained an internship at SYTO-Accra in Ghana for 2 months where I created databases for the company amongst other things.Understanding the basic structure of the internet is fundamental to any Information Technology student; combined with a positive spirit and a PHD in the field of computer Science, Dr Shawulu managed to produce excellent students for his course. NUST showed me how to work, create and understand databases, this is something that made my internship experience all the easier. Dr N Jere last but not least, employs a teaching methodology that inspired me. He is constantly pushing students to their maximum potential and never accepting laziness. He helped me understand the fundamentals of programming and what makes a good programmer in general.

What is AIESEC: AIESEC initially provided study tours so that young students can experience different cultures across the country. Eventually we developed international internship opportunities to further develop young people.AIESEC has expanded into 124 countries and territories with over 86,000 members globally. I was one of the lucky recipients but not the only one there are others too like Sem Uutoni.

What do you say to potential IT students? Many try to compete in class but in as much as competition is healthy you should only compete with yourself. Always focus on what you came to do in varsity, don’t let anything come in the way of your dreams.